Report a Job Posting

Every job posting on is first vetted by our team to ensure that it does not contain any inappropriate content. While we have clear standards for the types of job postings permitted on, we do also allow users to edit their job postings at any time through their account. For this reason, there is a small possibility that one may encounter a posting which would not otherwise be permitted.

Content which is not permitted on

  • Postings for MLM and pyramid-type schemes.
  • Content which would generally be considered rude, abusive or offensive.
  • Job postings which discriminate on the basis of race, gender, or socioeconomic status.
  • Postings which are unrelated to the purpose of recruitment.
  • Jobs which require upfront payment of fees by the candidate for consideration.

If you encounter a job posting on which you believe should not be permitted, we ask you that you please send an email, in confidence, to

Thank You.