An effective cover letter can help you get the job interview

Standing out through your cover letter: 4 Quick Tips.

Cover letters were once a staple of any successful job application. Those days are gone however, and the cover letter is now sometimes viewed more as redundant than a requirement. However, the reality is that a well-written and engaging cover letter can tip the odds in your favor.

When writing your cover letter, keep the following pointers in-mind.

1. Let your cover letter do what your resume can’t.

With hiring managers receiving hundreds of applications for a single job opening, it’s easy to be overlooked when your resume doesn’t do much to help you stand out.

The cover letter is your opportunity to show some character and really engage the reader. Mention topics which are absent in the resume – such as why you’re passionate about your field, or why you want to work for the company.

2. Show off your writing ability.

Unless you have a portfolio, the cover letter is the best indicator of your writing ability. Make sure that your grammar is immaculate, and that your word choice is suitable for the opportunity being presented.

As is the case with all business writing, less is more. Be concise and write with a purpose, not just to fill up space.

3. Set the tone.

The cover letter is likely the first part of your application that the hiring manager will look at. Use it to set the tone for everything else that follows. Think of three traits that you feel represent you (ie. professionalism, drive, etc.) and make them shine through in your cover letter.

4. Paint the bigger picture.

While you may think the cover letter is about you, it’s also about them. They will be the ones investing in you, so they need to assess what you can bring to their table.

Throw in a few bullet points of why you’re right for the role, emphasizing how you will add value to the company.


There you have it folks – cover letters still have their place, and can definitely give you an advantage over those who don’t have one. Want more? We recommend this article for more tips on writing effective cover letters.

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